This video is to show some of the highlights of the asteroid fields with some in game music. Please follow our journey, as we will share with you some clips of our progression! We are very excited and hope you are too! Feel free to share! I will also post on Facebook!

Astrox Progression Video



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I am happy to announce the launch of . With some generous help from my brothers, Astrox now has an official website.


Astrox Imperium
Realistic Combat Physics

All active modules will not only be visible on the ships, but will function in a way that allow for a whole new level of ship configuration. Turrets actually turn, track, and lock their targets. Where you place these weapon modules will effect your combat play style. Projectiles , missiles , beams and lasers, shields, engines, etc... will all operate within the physics engine, without Random Number Generation.

Complex Crafting

Crafting is an important element of Astrox Imperium. By mining basic ore, you can break it down into raw materials that can be used to craft components. These components are then used at the station's fabricator to produce items and upgrades or just about everything in the game.

Procedural Graphics

Skyboxes and nebulas are all created on the fly using procedural generation. In sandbox mode, you can create an entire universe by adjusting an ungodly amount of sliders. You can set just about everything that makes up the Astrox universe.

Robust Questing System

Not only can you play through multiple storylines, with multiple endings... but the quests that become available to you are based on your faction ratings. You can even use the in-game Quest Editor to create challenging quests that you can share with your friends.

Full MOD Support

All the MODDING tools are provided for you, accessible from the title screen. No programming knowledge required. Add new items, quests, modules, resource, sub-factions and more. Limited only by your imagination, you can create just about anything you want.


MOD everything with in-game tools.
Design and Build New Ships

Comprehensive tools allow you to take your imagination into deep space and control every aspect of constructing your ships. Not only the design, but how she handles in the Void. Free-form module slot placement gives unlimited variations of form and function. No knowledge of programming or modeling is required to design ships for Astrox Imperium.

Add New Items and Resources

Using the in-game editor, You can create all the data required for each game item, and it will be formatted so that the Astrox Imperium game engine can import it into your game, You can create and add an unlimited amount of items, and what components are required to craft these items.

Factions and Organizations

Customize your Astrox Imperium universe with built-in MOD tools. Create new factions, corporations, or stations to make the game uniquely your own. Build an empire or name your organization after your dying grandmother.

Map Editor

Create your own space with custom maps where you can decide the layout, resources, warp links, and dangers. Or randomize everything and risk your life on chance.


In-depth, non-linear story.

It was said man dreamed of travelling the stars from the first moment he looked up into the sky and marveled at it’s majesty. But for untold centuries, that remained only dream. That is until man created artificial intelligence, launching the first sentient program and feeding it all knowledge currently known to mankind.

The A.I. quickly determined that humanity was doomed. Probability of finality while confined to terrestial existence was undisputable. Mankind joined together in the one hope of salvation, the most advanced spacecraft (The Imperium) they could conceive. A lottery was held and people from all professions and countries were selected to crew it. The A.I. was uploaded to the ship’s computer and within a few short years of completion, the ship was launched.

The program had selected a binary system a few thousand of light years away to colonize. The passengers and crew were put into stasis and once reaching a safe distance from their home planet, the ship initiated the first ever test of the wormhole drive. No one remembers quite what went wrong, but the alarms awoke those from cryosleep and initiated evacuation procedures. The wormdrive had malfunctioned and somehow created a singularity that warped both time and space.

As the crew ejected, the last remenants of the ship could be seen stretching into the growing event horizon of a supermassive blackhole. Stars, planests, and astroids were all pulled into a newly created universe and the people of The Imperium were left stranded to rebuild. The ejection pods landed in all different directions, and the first survivors scratched out what could barely be called an existance. In time the different groups formed into factions, each carrying the knowledge of their purpose on the crew.

The bastions of civilization are turned by the powers of Law, Government, and Merchantile Guilds, but not everything falls in their vision of colonization. disgruntled Worker’s Party, Black Syndicate pirates, and Temple of the Void religious zealots are making a play for power and their piece of the sector. Band together with multiple sides, always working in your own self-interest, using your contacts in conquest of the galaxy.



Stategic Combat Physics

All active modules will be visible on ships and function to allow a whole new level of configuration. Turrets actually turn, track, and lock their targets. Specific placement of these weapon modules will impact both mechanics and play style. Projectiles , missiles , beams and lasers, shields, engines, etc, will all operate within the physics engine, not Random Number Generation. What’s more, all NPC’s play by the exact same rules, and are limited by the same weapons physics that you are.

Perhaps you chose to mount all the weapon modules on one side of the ship to gain an advantage in broadside combat. Then added a passive module to improve your turn speed to capitalize on that advantage.

Or instead equip additional Engine modules to your ship, and have your weapons facing to ship’s aft. So that now you can deliver damage to ships that chase you, keeping them out of range as you use your superior thrust to escape their weapons systems.

Or maybe you move the weapons to the front of a ship, for a head on, guns blazing type configuration. The way you can optimize ships are limitless. The same ship, with the same modules, can be configured many different ways to match any combat play style.

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