Introduction to Astrox Imperium

Astrox Imperium is my attempt to create the space game that I wanted to play, but no one had created. I wanted a single player, open-world space game that is similar to games I enjoyed, like Homeworld and EVE, with economies, factions, and a story. A game where I could set all the parameters, and the universe would come alive with new challenges each time I played. I tried to take the best of what I liked from many of my favorite space games, and combine them into something simple but deep, familiar yet fresh, and enjoyably addicting to play.

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What will be different about Astrox Imperium from Astrox HSE?

I kept all the concepts that worked in Astrox HSE, and added all the stuff that I had always wanted, but couldn’t fit in the original. I have read every review, suggestion, comment and idea that players have submitted over the past few years. I took notes and tried to find the best way to implement these features, without making a mess of the fun parts. I believe I have found a good balance between the immersion and the functional game play elements.

Feature Summary

I have outlined a few main features that makes Astrox Imperium special. If you would like to learn more about these features, point your mouse on over to the Game Features section for a list.

Support this project

If you would like to show support for Astrox Imperium, share it on one of your social media pages and tell your space game friends to check out the game. I don’t have anything close to a marketing team, so any help in this area is greatly appreciated. You can send monetary support here , but I’m just as happy if you only followed me (links below). Thank you for your support.